Department Of Cardiology

The Cardiology department at Simhapuri aims to provide comprehensive, high quality care to patients who come for treatment of heart related ailments. It is one of the best cardiology hospitals in Nellore. The hospital is well equipped to provide comprehensive care to patients by the best team of Cardiologists and Cardiovascular surgeons in Nellore. The team has success rates comparable to international standards including for bypass surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery, valve replacement surgery, CABG and child heart surgery.

The Cardiology department has best in class facilities and equipment including color doppler, echocardiography system, continuous oxygen supply, infusion pumps, ventilators, pacemakers, intra-aortic balloon pump, ABG (Blood Gas machine)  etc. for providing best cardiac care.

Cardiology specialists and para-medical staff at Simhapuri Hospitals strive to ensure that the patient’s care is the first priority. We believe in evidence based medical treatment for the patients. The team analyzes the complete history of the patient, performs thorough physical examination and non-invasive investigations, nuclear investigations and CT/MRI scans before providing treatment advice.

Technology Enabled Diagnosis and Investigations

The cardiology department has world-class, technologically advanced facilities. We provide a full range of cardiac diagnostic investigations and interventional procedures for adult and pediatric heart cases such as intracoronary ultrasound, cardiac catheterization, electro physiologic studies, cardiac MRI, PET, SPECT and MUGA scans.