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Throat Cancer! 10 Symptoms you must not ignore in 2018

Yes, Recognising Throat cancer in its early stages can help cure it fast.Read the article for better understanding. Throat cancer symptoms cause mostly due to unhealthy habits like Smoking and consuming heavy alcohol. Some throat cancer occurs from an infection HPV. Throat cancer stages are explained depending upon the place where the tumor has grown […]


Whenever we hear about cancer, the first thought that strikes us is “Chemotherapy”. Chemotherapy is often the most common term associated with cancer. It is considered one of the effective way to treat cancer among other cancer treatments. Here is a detailed article which helps you to understand the key points about chemotherapy.

Which Doctor Do I see For Possible Brain Stroke?

The short answer is a Neurologist! But this is probably a bit of an oversimplification. In fact, your recovery from stroke will involve at least three different types of practitioners, starting with your primary care Doctor. Not only can it take from minutes to hours – stroke patients do not have this kind of time […]

Treatments Options For Brain Stroke

When a stroke attack occurs, the brain tissues begin to die due to a lack of oxygen, and sooner the medical intervention is provided, the more brain tissues can be saved.

Causes And Symptoms Of A Brain Stroke

As we know, when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, the brain is deprived of oxygen and other nutrients, causing the brain cells to die, and this is what we call a Stroke. In most cases, the stroke affects the Middle Cerebral Artery(MCA) area of the brain, with tissue-death being observed in two […]

Symptoms of the Nervous System Disorders

A very complex and highly specialized interconnection of the human body’s internal circuitry, the nervous system is like the body’s multimeter to the outside world, in the sense that it controls: The body’s sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and sensations The body’s ability to perform movement, balance, and coordination The mind’s ability to think, […]

Symptoms that Alert a Woman who is having a Heart Attack

Most people think of heart attacks and other heart-related diseases as men’s problem. It’s a myth! In fact, in age group 55+, women have greater chances of suffering a heart attack than have men, and death within first 5 years of suffering a heart attack is as much as 11 percent more likely in women […]

Smoking is one of the Main Cardiovascular Risk Factors

There is a string link between smoking and cardiovascular diseases – one of every three deaths from cardiovascular diseases can be linked with smoking, and nearly 40% of all deaths from smoking can be attributed to cardiovascular diseases!

Effects of Procrastination on Students

Back when I was in college, I could never start studying at odd timings such as 9:27 am, or 11:05 am – it always had to be the beginning of an hour, or half an hour later, else it just didn’t feel right, and before I would know, the day was gone with nothing to […]

Causes of Tingling and Itchy Skin all Over Body

One minute you are sitting comfortably, and the next you start itching or feeling as if small insects were crawling just underneath your skin.